New Business Project Life Cycle

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New Business Project Life Cycle

New Business Project Life Cycle

One of the most important contributors to the Gardena Community is its business base.  Aerospace manufacturing, commercial/retail, service businesses/providers, restaurants and some home-based businesses, round out the business community in the “City of Opportunity.”

Such a wide business mix, highlights the value placed on business development in Gardena.   When a project is brought into the City, the Community Development team goes into action like a well-oiled machine.   The Planners, Building, Official, Inspectors, Permit Specialists and the Business License team all know what they have to do to take a project from its initial starting point to the finish line.

The Planner is a visionary.  He/she has the ability to provide recommendations about development strategies and to help the developer present the most highly-desirable site plans.

The Building Official is the watchman who ensures sure that all of the building code policies and procedures for the planned development are met.

The Building Inspector(s) is the Sherlock Holmes of the project, who inspects and monitors construction sites, verifies that structures and fixtures ensure building compliance, inspects electrical ventilation, air conditioning, and other systems; and issues violation notices, and stop work offers until a building meets compliance standards.

The Permit Specialists and the Business License team, are the locksmiths for the project who hold the keys for a project to move forward and a business to open its doors.

The entire Community Development team is dedicated to providing customer service, technical expertise and efficiency to ensure that every new business project has a positive outcome and receives a warm by the citizens of Gardena.


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