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Gardena Distinctions of Art

Gardena Bonsai Tree Designs

If you have ever visited Gardena CA, one of the first things you notice, is the variety of Bonsai tree designs on the lawns of the Japanese community. However, the Bonsai is actually grown in a small pot or container to confine its growth. This practice allows the aesthetic tree goals to be achieved.

The Bonsai tree is part of the Japanese art form dating back over a thousand years.  A drive around the Gardena residential community will give you a visual of Bonsai with a variety of shapes and proportions.

Gardena holds an annual Bonsai show and sale with Bonsai exhibits and plants, cultivation demonstrations, tools and accessories.  If you are interested in learning more about this ornamental tree, visit; or contact Doyle Saito at (310 539-9265.

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