Gardena – A South Bay City of Cultural Diversity

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Gardena – A South Bay City of Cultural Diversity


Gardena – A South Bay City of Cultural Diversity

The City of Gardena, incorporated in 1930 still remains one of the South Bay’s most ethnically and culturally balanced cities.

The cultural diversity is reflected throughout the community mirroring, Japanese, Korean, Latino, African American and Caucasian. Several cultural events highlight this diversity: The Annual Cultural Heritage Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Parade and celebration and the Cinco de Mayo Parade and celebration.

A Sister City relationship with the City was also established in 1962 with Ichikawa, Chiba, Japan in 1962 and a second one in 1973 with Huatabampo, Sonora, Mexico.

Gardena’s earliest history describes the community’s regionally famous vegetable and strawberry fields primarily tended by settlers of Japanese descent. Since that time, Gardena has successfully blended history and culture to create the “City of Opportunity.” National retail /commercial tenants now occupy its shopping centers and mixed use commercial development and upscale homes priced well above the $500,000 range, are now visible in Gardena.

An additional highlight of the City is the fleet of “Green Friendly” buses named GTrans which provide state-of-the-art transportation throughout the South Bay and surrounding areas. Gardena also combines comfort and technology to visitors to the area with a brand new hotel, boasting excellent customer service and reasonable prices.

If you are looking for an array of international dining experiences, then you must come to Gardena to enjoy its Mediterranean, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Hawaiian, Mexican and USA cuisines.

Gardena invites you to discover the synergy of culture, family, business and fun in a city once known as the “Freeway City,” but has now become the “City of Opportunity.”

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