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    • In August of 2007, the Gardena Police Department, developed a District Policing Model which revolutionized providing police services in the City of Gardena. A major component of this policing model involves positive interaction and accountability to the businesses within Gardena. Using the District Policing Model, the police department has divided the city into three districts. Each District has a Lieutenant assigned specifically to resolve all issues that our businesses may encounter. Businesses are encouraged to contact their District Lieutenant to discuss their issues or to learn about business watch groups who regularly meet in their immediate area.

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The Contractors State License Board (CSLB) was established in 1929 as the Contractors License Bureau under the Department of Professional and Vocational Standards. Today, the CSLB is part of the Department of Consumer Affairs. Before you hire a contractor, go to CSLB, they will show you how to:

1) select a licensed and qualified contractor;
2) negotiate a clear contract;
3) prevent disputes with the contractors; and
4) resolve disputes between the consumer and the contractor when they arise.
For additional information, call 1(800) 321 – CSLB (2752) or visit their website at:
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