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The City of Gardena, an “All-America City” is a small, highly urbanized community of 5.9 square miles (15 km2) within the South Bay Basin of Los Angeles County, 13 miles (21 km) from Downtown Los Angeles. Gardena, California is a city of 61,000 inhabitants. Nearly 40% of adults age 25 and older have four years or more of college, including men and women with a wide variety of job capabilities, from entry level to the specialized technical, supervisory and management level.


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Gardena’s attractive, family-oriented neighborhoods provide a wide variety of housing options for all residents. There are 21,041 residential units available in the City. About one-half of the residential units are single family units. The City has 280 subsidized senior housing units in three senior communities. The apartments/multi-family housing have very livable densities. About 10% of the housing stock in the City was built in the last 25 years. The majority of the residential neighborhoods are mature with lush landscaping, well maintained buildings, and large family-sized yards. The persons per household ratio is 2.802. The City has a 3.41% vacancy rate.

Gardena offers numerous options in single and family living! Several new residential developments have been completed to provide new homes. The new developments are located at Redondo Village, Emerald Square, Carnelian Homes, Cottage Place, San Lorenzo, and Gardena Village and MBK Homes.